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1.21 Gigawatt Radio was born from an idea of ​​Costantino Meloni, audio and video technician who has been working in the entertainment world for 10 years. Creator of “Melaz Entertainment Company Production“, he decided to devote himself to one of his greatest passions: The Radio!

After having worked for 6 years at Radio Flash 97.6, one of the first independent radios born in the 70s, which bade farewell a few years ago, he decides to carry on this experience and concentrate it in this project, where music dearest to him, becomes an instrument to be able to break free from the everyday-life of Italian’s radios that give only a little space of what made music great!, running exclusively  “disposable” novelty.

This radio has 20% programming reserved for music novelty, of which only 5% are commercial pop music. Anyone who wants, can write to us on our Facebook page and offer their music completely free.

Bring all the music to life, not just the one that climbs charts!